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What causes liver inflammation?

Q: I have done the blood test and following are the results: SGOT: 58 (Reference Range 0-40 U/L; SGPT: 87 (Reference Range 0-40 U/L) I have constant pain in the abdomen and feel feverish throughout the day. I am also taking herbal medicine for liver (is this the cause of higher SGPT). What else do I have to do or follow? I am also having itching sensation in the rectum (if I use dettol to wash rectum it burns).

A:On the blood test results that you have given it appears that your liver is inflammed. There are many causes of hepatitis - from liver viruses, drugs or illness in other parts of the body. Some herbal medicines are extremely dangerous to the liver and the first thing for you to do is to stop taking them. I suggest you contact your doctors so that they can sort out any other problems. Your feverishness may be related to the liver problem. As far as your rectum is concerned - please do not use dettol to wash out the rectum. This may do more harm than good. An itch in this region can also be related to all sorts of problems e.g. threadworm, piles etc. You do not state your age so it is difficult to give you a proper differential diagnosis.


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