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What can cause white patches on my cheeks?

Q: I am 23 and for about 5 years now there have been some light white patches on both sides of my cheeks and corner of the lips, which means I don't have even skin tone. I have a wheatish complexion and these patches are very obvious. When I am out, I try and hide them with brown lipstick so that it doesn't appear very obvious and makes my skin look even toned. Have tried consulting some Dermatologists but no one to my satisfaction. In fact one of them had taken a piece of the skin where the patches exist and also suggested an allergy test. The allergy test was negative and but did not get to know the result of the skin biopsy. I use a baby soap, have a good diet and don't sweat a lot. I eat a lot fruits and drink enough water too. In fact I even checked if I had worms in the stomach - that wasn't the case too. Please suggest me as to whats the reason for the white patches as I am very conscious about my skin.

A:The white patches on the face could be due to pityriasis alba, postinflammatory hypopigmentation, tinea versicolor, vitiligo, etc. Unless some dermatologist examines your face or sees your close up photograph with complete clinical details, it will be difficult to suggest any treatment. The commonest cause is pityriasis alba. If your previous doctor has written this diagnosis, then just cold cream or Elovera cream/Vitamin-E cream can be used.


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