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What can cause swelling and numbness in the legs?

Q: I am feeling an uneasiness in my right leg below my knees. I feel its bit heavier when compared to be left leg. It started off some 3 months ago with my little toe being numb for almost 4 days. It got normal after that and it used to come and go sporadically, but for the last 2 weeks my leg below my knees is bit heavy (I feel like some weight is added to the muscles). Due to my job nature I hardly move out of my chair in a day. I don't regularly exercise as my job currently requires more travel and working at nights & my sleeping time is highly irregular because this. Is this problem because of fluid accumulation? Can regular exercising solve the problem? or do I have to take medication?

A:I notice that you tend to blame yourself for your symptoms. Though, there may be individual reasons for illnesses occurring in patients, I don't think you should blame yourself for everything. However, from your symptoms I feel you certainly require medical help. It is difficult for me to give a diagnosis based on your symptoms. You will have to be examined carefully and I need several clarifications before I can do that. Swelling in one leg can be because of clotting of blood in the veins. However, the combination of numbness is unusual with this. Numbness usually indicates a neurological problem. This could be a problem in the spine. There are several other conditions which can cause the same combination of symptoms. Do consult an orthopaedic surgeon before you choose to start any exercise or medication.


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