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What can cause red rashes on the face?

Q: I have red rashes around my mouth, my eyes and on my forehead since the last 3 weeks. This was initially diagnosed as an allergy by the GP in my local surgery. Two days back they said it could be a skin infection and have given me antibiotics. But the condition remains the same. I have small boil like rashes (without pus - just raised lumps) over my mouth, eyes and on my forehead. I haven't used any cosmetics in the last 3-4 weeks. My diet has not changed. I have no pain, just sometimes when the skin there is dry it pulls. It beginning to get cold here and the skin, where my rash is, gets dry (also because I wash it often and don't apply any moisturiser). Would you be able to tell me what this is?

A:Following conditions should be considered: 1. Peri oral dermatitis 2. Acne and its variants 3. Papular sarcoidosis 4. Pyoderma If the problem is not resolving, I strongly suggest that you consult your local Dermatologist. Treatment of each differs and has to be supervised. It is also possible, on examination, that an entirely different disorder is diagnosed.


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