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What can cause delayed puberty and slow growth?

Q: I am 15 years old and my height is just 5 feet 1 inches. My overall body growth has not taken place for the past 3 years. The genitals have also not developed to the adult size. I have tried various diets, with high protein, Iron and Calcium, but in vain. As most of the growth takes place within the age of 13-16 years, I need to increase my height and grow in all aspects. Is there a medicine I can take to promote the growth rate? Does it have any side effects?

A:You have delayed puberty and growth retardation and one of the common cause is constitutional delay in growth and puberty. In this condition, sexual development and growth are delayed but does occur. You need detailed clinical and hormonal evaluation to find out the cause of this clinical problem. Please get in touch with an endocrinologist.


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