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What are these medicines meant for?

Q: Can you tell me about the use, purpose and dosage of the following tablets? Ramace 50mg Retrolix 10mg Clopitab A Storvas 10 Diapride 2mg Zevit Fesovit

A:Ramace (ramipril) is used for treating high blood pressure. Retolix (not Retrolix) contains torasemide that increases urine output and has adverse effect on diabetes and hence should be avoided in such patients. Clopitab A (clopidogrel + aspirin) is for thinning the blood. Storvas (atorvastatin) is to reduce cholesterol in certain selected cases where high lipid levels are not due to secondary causes such as diabetes. Diapride (glimepiride) is for Type 2 diabetes. Zevit is a multi-vitamin formulation. Fesovit is similar to Zevit but in addition contains iron also.


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