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What are the treating options for vitiligo on the penis?

Q: I am applying clobetasol propionate and miconazole nitrate cream on white spots on my penis foreskin, which is vitiligo. Can I continue with these creams or is there any better topical ointment available in market for treating vitiligo? My 2nd question is along with allopathic treatment of vitiligo can I also go for homoeopathic treatment? Will it have any side effects or clash with the allopathic treatment? What should I do to see that these tiny spots don't grow into big patches and spread?

A:Please remember that in medicine, there is no cook-book approach. No two cases are alike, in presentation, course and response to medication. Treatment has to be individualised. There are a number of drugs available. Choice will depend upon the extent of problem, site of involvement, presence of other co-morbid conditions, etc. It is pertinent to keep in mind an old saying one mans meat is another mans poison. It is never a good idea to mix various kinds of medication. You don't travel on two boats. Do not make a pot-pourri of different systems. Make up your mind and give a fair trial to the system of medication you choose before you dump it. Vitiligo is an unpredictable disease. It can reactivate at any time. It may progress rapidly and cover large areas rapidly or may do so very slowly. How many times it will happen and when, nobody can predict.


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