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What are the tests to be done before marriage?

Q: What are the tests suggested before marriage so that no complications are faced later regarding childbirth like thalassaemia etc and other medical issues? Is there any standard set of tests for premarital check-up?

A:There are no mandatory or standard pre-marital tests. However, it is a good idea to do some tests for anaemia, thyroid or sugar problems to check your general well being. Other tests would include a test for blood group and Rh factor. Majority of the population is Rh positive but a small percentage (15%)of people are Rh Negative. Rh incompatibility in the couple can cause problems for the baby and there are remedial measures available. Also tests can be done to screen for thalassaemia gene, sickle cell anaemia, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and AIDS. Tests can be individualised as per your medical history and your family history of health problems. Specific advice can be given by an obstetrician/urologist regarding contraception use and conception.


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