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What are the side effects of Gabaneuron?

Q: I am a 42 years old man having severe pain in the neck and right arm for the last 4 years. I was taking Gabaneuron but in vain as the pain persists. The doctor says it is prolapsed inter-vertebral disc (PIVD) C5-6 and C6-7 with radiculopathy. I have been advised Neugaba 75 mg, but I feel drowsy when I take this medicine. My nose is running continuously too. Is it advisable to take Gabaneuron? What are the side effects of Gabaneuron? I am undergoing physiotherapy too.

A:Gabapentin is a drug which has become very popular in a short span of time for management of neuropathic pains. The drug is known to have a vide range of adverse affects and I will mention some of these as listed as frequent adverse affects in the physicians desk reference:

  1. Body as a whole: malaise, face swelling
  2. Heart and circulation: increase in blood pressure
  3. Digestive system: lack of appetite, flatulence, swelling of gums
  4. Blood system: purpura – a condition where rashes appear in the body.
  5. Musculo-skeletal system: joint pains
  6. Nervous system: giddiness, depression, confusion. part of your feeling fed-up could be part of this.
  7. Respiratory system: pneumonias, less commonly some patients have the kind of symptoms you are encountering now. This is because of swelling of the lining of the respiratory system.
  8. Special senses: abnormal vision
In addition, there are a vide range of minor side effects which are infrequently seen. It is difficult to suggest treatment without physically examining you, having said that you would need a combination of pain killer and a muscle relaxant. Occasionally instead of Gabapentin – Carbamezapin 100 mg may be used twice a day. It is best to be taking these medicines after careful medical evaluation. I am not comfortable with you to starting it without medical evaluation.


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