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What are the precautions to be taken while on AKT4 treatment for tuberculosis?

Q: My 26 years old cousin is taking AKT4 as per the doctor's prescription for her bone tuberculosis (TB). Symptoms are - weight loss, difficulty in walking, fever and back pain. The MRI showed Sacroileitis; ELISA and blood test confirmed IgG positive. She is having a wound and it got infected which extended up to the femoral neck. Now it is healing. She had the same issue last year too, so we did all the tests possible and but the reports were normal. She has started the medicine last week. Now her weight is increasing; she weighs 45 kg now. What are the side effects of the medicine? Will this affect her in conceiving? What are the precautions to be taken? She is getting married in next six months, is there any problem in getting married soon? For how long has she to take the medicine?

A:It is most essential that the patient continues with anti-TB (AKT-4) treatment for at least nine, possibly 12 months. These drugs have minor side effects but do not cause any permanent problem. There is lot of time left before marriage, by then patient should be quite fit but doctor's advice should be sought a month before to make sure that every thing is under control. Once the treatment is complete, there will be no adverse effect either on marriage or fertility. No special precautions are needed while taking medicines except that drugs should be accompanied with good diet. Since treatment will be continued even after the girl's marriage, she must not conceive till all treatments have been completed. This will need the active involvement of the girl's future husband.


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