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What are the implications of elevated IgE levels?

Q: In my allergy test, IgE was found to be 905 IU/ml, whereas the normal value for an adult is 100 IU/ml. What is problem with an increased level? What is the cause and effect of this problem? What medicine is used to control the same?

A:A moderately raised total IgE such as you describe is often found in atopic patients, that is, those who have a personal or family history of childhood eczema, allergic rhinitis, (e.g. hay fever), or allergic, early onset asthma. It is particularly likely to be raised in patients with eczema. Total IgE can also be raised in patients with intestinal parasite infestations. In itself it is not something that requires treatment, but just a possible indicator of the presence of the diseases mentioned above.


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