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What are the hazards of cell phone radiation?

Q: I am a 58 years old male weighing 80 kg. I want to know about the hazards of cell phone radiation. We cannot afford not to use cell phones. How can we protect ourselves against the hazards of the radiation of cell phones? Is there any instruments available, or any medicine available in the market? Secondly, there are metallic bangles and metallic lockets available in the market. Do metallic bangles protect us from the hazards of cell phone radiation? Lastly, I started using cell phone regularly for the last nine months. I was keeping the cell phone in my shirt pocket. After a few days I started feeling that I am getting vibrations in my chest. After that I started putting the cell phone in my pants' left pocket. Then I started feeling that I am getting light vibration from the hip to the toe on the left side. Are these vibrations only a psychological phenomenon or due to cell phone radiation?

A:There have been some political announcements on the subject in the print media and I need to tread very carefully.

Cell phone users are exposed to a form of electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency energy, also known as RF. Although RF isn't the same kind of radiation as that emitted by an X-ray machine or a nuclear warhead, it is comparable to the RF of electrical shavers and hair dryers which are used by some people daily., Their prolonged use, as evident these days, may be risky. Cell phones send out signals to the tower so the device may be identified. Radiation comes into the phone and is sent out from it as well. In general, experts agree that most evidence to date does not point to cell phone use increasing the risk of tumors or abnormal behavior, but more research is needed to look at possible long-term effects of prolonged use. While the results of current research are awaited, people do not need to stop using their cell phones. However, it is worth changing the way in which they are used.

Children under 14 should send text messages or use headsets or phones on speaker phone. Corded headsets emit almost no RF, and using a headset or speaker phone allows you to move the device away from your body. Even moving the phone 4 inches away from your head reduces RF exposure 1,000 times. It is wise to disconnect the phone if the signal is poor. Fewer signal bars mean the phone has to work harder to get a signal, so it may emit more RF. Talking should be avoided while driving. In addition to the dangers of being distracted, there may be an increased RF exposure risk. This is because the phone signal must move to several wireless towers. The same logic applies to avoiding cell phone use in elevators. Although wireless ear phones reduce the RF compared to the level of exposure from holding a cell phone to the ear, the wireless ear piece is still searching for a signal. It is best to remove the ear piece between conversations.

Cell phones should not be kept in pant pockets or attached to a belt. A recent study found that cell phone radiation has a negative impact on the health of sperms.

Metallic bangles and lockets have not proven to be useful to prevent RF exposure. A feeling of vibrations is not caused by RF exposure.


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