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What are the exercises to reduce fat on my hips?

Q: I am 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 75 kgs. I have fat on my hips. I walk 6kms daily in 1 hour but I am unable to reduce fat on my hips. Please suggest me exercises to reduce fat on my hips.

A:You need to reduce 10-12 kgs. Your ideal weight should be 60-65kgs depending whether you are of small or medium frame. You will also need to continue the walking as you have been doing, and your diet also should be oil free. You can try the following exercises, but don't try any excessive exercises beyond your stamina. You should give the whole programme atleast 2-3 months. You can try the following exercises :- 1. Lie on your back. . Placing your hands behind your knees, lift your knees upwards. . Cross your feet at ankles and hold your ankles. . Slowly, draw your knees towards your chest and hold the stretch. 2. Keep your feet apart and stand. . Breathe in and bend your knees as you are going to squat on an imaginary chair but do not go beyond the seat height. . Breathe out as you go up again. 3. Lie on your stomach with hands stretched in font of you. . Raise your left hand right leg together at the same time and hold as you feel a stretch along your spine. . Repeat the same with the right hand and left leg. 4. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you. . Walk on your hips from one end of the room to the other. This is a strenuous exercise. . In the beginning, even one turn in the room should be enough. Gradually increase the number of counts. 5. Stand facing the wall with both your palms on the wall. . Extend your right leg tightening your hip muscles and hold. . Repeat with left leg.


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