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What are the causes of itchy pimple like things on the testis?

Q: I am 21 years old. My problem started 45 days ago, with one pimple sized itchy ball appeared near my inner thigh, left side towards the lower testis. I used to scratch that area a lot. After a few days, my testis got infected with ringworm like things. The area used to itch a lot. I applied itch guard and got relief from the ringworm. Now there are small balls on my testis. It looks like big pimples. There is no pain but it itches a lot. I want to get rid of itchy testis. Please help.

A:First of all please do not think of getting rid of your itchy testes. We must only get rid of the itchy feeling!!! From your description it looks like you are having a scrotal cyst. It is just an accumulation of the oil glands present in that area. It is usually itchy and continuous scratching may lead on to infection that has appeared like ringworm in your case. Please see a doctor in person. He will first eradicate the infection and then plan removal of the cyst. It is a very minor procedure that will take hardly 10 minutes.


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