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What are the causes for low platelet counts and is there any treatment required?

Q: I have a problem of recurrent allergy and chronic Rhino-sinusitis. So on the advice of an ENT doctor, certain tests were carried out and the findings are: RBC-4.60, Hb- 14.7, WBC-6, PDW-22.2, P-LCR-56.2, Platelets count- 118, Absolute Eosinophil count – 200 /cu mm, P/s - Normocytic normochromic RBC, No immature cells are seen and Platelets are reduced. I want to know what are the causes of low platelets and is there any treatment required for this condition?

A:You have mild thrombocytopenia (decreased platelet count) as the normal range is from 150,000 to 450,000 per microlitre of blood. Thrombocytopenia occurs when platelets are lost from the circulation faster than they can be replaced from the bone marrow where they are made. Thrombocytopenia may either result from a failure of platelet production and/or an increased rate of removal from blood. Depending upon both the severity of the platelet lack and the likely cause, a person should consult a haematologist at a hospital. Treatment depends on several factors. If there is no major haemorrhage, the treatment is aimed at the cause of the low platelet count. If a drug is thought to be the cause then it is stopped (providing this is safe) and the platelet count monitored. If an infection is suspected then treatment for that infection is required.


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