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What are the benefits of soyabean?

Q: Please enlighten on the latest researches on soyabean intake (in any form like tofu or milk, etc.) and cancer.

A:The health benefits of soyabeans and soya foods include reduced LDL cholesterol, cancer prevention and reduced coronary artery disease risk. In soyabeans, according to researchers, there is an important chemical substance called genistein, which is claimed effective against cancer. Also, compounds called isoflavenes in soya can help prevent oral and breast cancers. Traditional soy foods: Soya nuts – roasted, mature soyabeans, Edamame – Immature (green) soyabeans that can be eaten raw unlike regular soyabeans, Soya flour – used in baked goods, Soyamilk – made from the soyabean, Soya sauce – fermented soya, Tofu – soyabean curd. Soya foods you may add regularly in your diet: Use soya flour to thicken gravies and sauces, use soya flour in baked goods, soya flour Quick breads – replace 1/4 of wheat flour with soya flour, pour soyamilk on cereals, use tofu in stir-fry, salads or soup, snack on soya nuts.


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