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What are spems without tail?

Q: Hello doc, once again I have got my semen tested and the report is as follows - Amount: 2.5 ml; Reaction: alkaline; Motility: 80-85% sperms are motile after half hour of ejacualation, this motility remains same upto three hours at room temprature; Total count: 112 million/ml; Morphology: 85-90% are normal, 10-15% sperms are abnormal. Most of the abnormal sperms are without tail; Pus cells: 2-3/hpf. What is the meaning of sperms without tail and is it normal or I have to take medicines to improve semen quality. K. Rajesh Rao

A:Your semen analysis report provided to us is absolutely normal. The loss of tail in such few numbers is destruction of sperms due to processing of specimen or even a normal process. By and large we find these findings in a semen specimen.


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