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What are antiandrogen drugs?

Q: I am a trans-gender from Nepal. I want to be a woman but I have too many facial hair. I heard that it is because of the male hormone called androgen. So I want to take antiandrogen medicines. What are the antiandrogen drugs? Are these drugs helpful to decrease facial hair? What are the side effects? Which is the best antiandrogen having less side effects? What is it called in the market? Can I have these medicines from a medical shop without prescription?

A:Antiandrogen creams and tablets are available but each have their own side effects and risks. You first have to undergo a proper hormonal evaluation to see the levels of all the different sex hormones and only then any kind of medicines have to be prescribed but after proper consultation with a endocrinologist. These are not drugs you can take over the counter, so it would not be possible for me to advise you on this matter. You have to seek an endocrinologists consultation, who will prescribe the necessary medication after examining you.


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