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What amount of thyronorm do I need to take?

Q: I am a 36 years old housewife whose current TSH level is 0.49. I am taking Thyronorm (75 ug) and experiencing pain in my eyes, headaches and pain in the knees while walking. What should be the Thyronorm dosage? My TSH level is ranging between 0.8-1.2 for the last two years. My current fasting glucose level is 95 and uric acid level is 4.

A:Currently you are on an overdose of Thyronorm as your TSH is suppressed. In first step we need to reduce your dose of Thyronorm to 50 ug daily. Get TSH repeated after 6 weeks to titrate the dose. If TSH is still low you can further reduce the dose to 25 but if high then increase the dose to 37 ug a day. Your other symptoms are not related to thyroid illness and knee pain may be due to old injury. I would suggest you to consult an orthopaedic surgeon for this. Other suggestion would be to take small and frequent meals. If other symptoms are not due to a disease process then healthy life style will help you.


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