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What am I having recurrent fever?

Q: I am a 28 years old woman who suffered with fever and headache 20 days back. The feeling of chilliness mostly at night-time precedes fever. The doctor has suggested a malaria blood test, which was negative. In the tested blood count, platelet , typhoid, dengue, jaundice were normal. The doctor started treating me for malaria and gave Quinine for 3 days in the hospital. I become fine and did not get fever and headache for the next 4 days but it started again. I get fever at night although without chills. What is the cause of my fever? What tests do I need? Does malaria continue even after treatment?

A:Intermittent fever can occur as a result of chronic infection, such as brucellosis from animal contact or tuberculosis Fever and sweating and specific non-specific findings such as thyroid disorder lymphoma or collagen disorders may be hard to detect unless suspected. Hypochondriasis may occur in patients with no causes other than stress.


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