Weight gain

Q: I am an Indian working as a Network Engineer in Saudi Arabia since one year. I want to gain weight. I take food regularly and also do exercises if i find time but its not helping me. Is there any other way to gain weight apart from eating and doing exercises.

A:Most people have the opposite problem of wanting to lose weight, so you should consider yourself one of the few lucky ones! It is mostly your genes which determine your constitution, so other than your lifestyle and your regular habits, you are bound by your genetic constitution, to a large extent. You can however eat larger quantities of meals with good calories to help you put on the weight you would like. In addition to that, work your way towards a heavy weight training program, that will help you build the right kind of weight. Adding bulk to your muscles is a long process and requires patience and a trainer who can help you design a specific schedule for yourself. In general, you should work on each muscle group at least once a week, doing at least 2-3 exercises with relatively heavy weights. Remember that you should start with lighter weights and work you way upwards, over a period of time. Start with a weight with which you can do about 5-6 repetitions in each of the 2-3 sets. You can also work with your own body weight, like push-ups and squats. You must give the muscle a rest of at least 48 hours in which time, they actually grow.


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