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Vegetarian diet

Q: I am a vegetarian who travels a lot in European countries. I try and avoid eggs too. But it is practically impossible to eat a meal with such preferences. Can you suggest some balanced diet for me? I exercise regularly but due to improper diet, I get easily tired.

A:It is not clear from your query if you need a regular diet plan or you want to know about the diet while you are travelling. I am assuming that you want to know about the foods you can have while travelling abroad.
It is not very difficult to follow a vegetarian diet regime in present times. All you need to do is look for the vegetarian entrees in the menu when you are travelling abroad. You can have some cereal, toast, butter, juice or coffee, and fruits for breakfast. Start with a salad. Every place will definitely offer you a choice for salad. Vegetarian salads are a good supply of minerals and vitamins. Take a small salad with a sandwich or burger or may be a pizza. You may have an option to pick vegetarian dishes from pastas and even Chinese food. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty fluids including water, juices, milk, soups etc.


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