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urine leaks while coughing

Q: I had two miscarriages before the birth of our two children who are now aged 13 and 7. I used to have slight urination while coughing. However, the problem did not recur. Of late, I have been having involuntary urination and there were instances of bed wetting on two occassions. This is causing great concern. Please advise.

A:Urine leaks for different reasons. Do you have strong uncontrolable urge before you leak or do you leak just by coughing or sneezing? Do you have any backache, constipation or tingling or numbness in legs? If so, please consult a Neurologist. If not, see a Urologist. Tab. Oxyspas 2.5 mg thrice a day will control the urge. Do not take it if you have difficulty in passing urine and poor flow with having to strain.


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