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Surgery for appendix

Q: I had undergone an appendicitis operation last year in August. After two months of the surgery my digestive system got disturbed and I was unable to eat anything properly. After six months I started taking homoepathic treatment and in the meanwhile I shifted to Sydney for higher studies in March 2001. I was fine after that but for last one month now again I have started feeling pain at the surgery site. I am eating properly now and my digestion is also fine. Kindly give your suggestions.

A:It is not possible to say anything too helpful as you clearly need to see a doctor for reassessment if the pain continues. You did not say why the appendix was removed. If it was for the same kind of pain as you now have, it is possible that the diagnosis of appendicitis was incorrect - as is sometimes the case. Do you know if a pathologist studied your appendix; what did this show? If your general health is good then there is no urgency; pain in this region is common, and not often serious in young people. If you begin to lose weight, have diarrhoea or other symptoms as well as pain, you should see a doctor for further checks. Otherwise it is likely that your pain will subside with time. I hope all goes well for you.


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