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Stricture urethra & TURP

Q: My father, at present aged about 81 years, has been suffering from Stricture of Urethra for the last 25 years or so. His main complains have been constant burning sensation from the bladder upto the external meatus with a feeling as if there is some obstruction on the tip of penis. He has undergone dilatation of Urethra from time to time till 1995 with temporary relief. Thereafter he was on homoeopathic medicines with slight relief. Recently, I contacted a urologist in Calcutta, and after USG of Prostate/KUB and X-Ray of KUB and Chest and estimation of Blood Urea, Creatinine, Fasting Sugar, PSA, TC, DC & Hb, etc., he decided for operation of Prostate gland - TURP. The reports indicated prostatomegaly and cardiomegaly. Bood reports were within normal limits including fasting sugar which was 79. Other parameters in USG & X-ray were normal. KIdney, ureters, etc. were normal. TURP was performed under local anaesthesia a few days back. A catheter has been put in the penis since operation. On query, the surgeon has said that the catheter will be removed within 3 days. The problem is that the patient is complaining of burning sensation in the external urethra upto the external meatus as he was complaining before the TURP. I asked the surgeon about it who told that it will be alright within a few days. He is silent about the Stricture of urethra and has not bothered to do any thing about it. Please suggest whether the treatment is going on the right track. Will the TURP solve the problem for good or will the patient have to undergo removal of stricture of urethra in future? Thanking you and awaiting for your valuable suggestions.

A:Your father after a transurethral resection of the prostate is on a urethral catheter and one should not speculate the outcome of the procedure before the catheter is removed particularly so in the absence of complete operative details. On the face of the problem, it is unlikely that he has had a severe stricture of the urethra as you do not mention of any urethral dilatations after 1995 and a severe stricture would not have stayed open without dilatation for 7 years. In the present situation it would be wise to wait for the removal of the catheter and keep him under observation. If his problem is over, feel happy; if not, one could give a fresh look to it. If there was a stricture and the surgeon has fixed up at the time of performing TURP, he may require follow up dilations. Wishing your father all the best.


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