Slip disc

Q: I am suffering from slip disc. (gap in lumber 4 & 5) since last six years. What is the success rate of spinal micro surgery? What is the total cost involved for the full treatment in a hospital like Appolo and total period required?

A:Slipped disc is a term used to signify a backward bulge of the contents of the disc-shaped shock absorber placed between any two of the bones forming the vertebral column.The bulge squeezes nerves coursing down and out of the spinal canal causing pain and other symptoms.When an operation to remove the contents of the disc so as to take the pressure off the nerve is indicated, it can be done by one of several ways. In some cases, it is necessary to use an operation microscope.You must ask your surgeon about the chances of success as these will depend on a number of factors specific to each patient.I suggest you ask one of the neurosurgeons at Apollo Hospital regarding the cause. I am sure he will be happy to provide you the necessary information.


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