Sleep apnea

Q: I am suffering from severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). I have not slept peacefully for the last 3-5 years. I am aged 47 and overweight. With all the restriction on food and no thyroid problems, the weight is not under control. In a research topic on OSA published by sleep foundation of USA, I learnt that OSA also increases weight. I have been advised UP3. Please suggest the name of surgeons who are masters in this surgery in Kolkata/Chennai/New Delhi. I have developed hypertension and am on medication. I am so frustrated that I may go for any type of surgery for peaceful sleep. I am a big snorer and my marital life is on the rocks now due to snoring.

A:One useful treatment of Obstructive sleep Apnoea is use of air delivered at pressure in the nose at night. This is given by a machine called BiPAP machine. It costs about Rs 60,000 or thereabouts and is available in India. You need to use it at night and patients get good sleep. Before buying it the diagnosis has to be confirmed in a good neurology unit. Surgery for obesity is available at any good institute. I am sure AIIMS Delhi would have a such an arrangement or Batra Hospital. I would think the first option is better.


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