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Skin - atopic dermatitis

Q: I am 40 years old now and have been suffering from Atopic Allergic Dermatitis of hands and feet, especially the fingers, where eruptions and cracks occur often leading to secondary infections now and then since I was a child of about five or six. Innumerable tests have been done and I have consumed all kinds of medicine including antihistamines and done all kinds of local applications including corticosteroids. Healing occurs but only to relapse later. Please advise for a permanent solution.

A:In Atopic dermatitis the individual has an inborn tendency for allergy. There are three phases and you seem to be going through the adult phase of the disorder. There are certain aggravating and precipitating factors, which vary from individual to individual. For example, dryness and contact with woollens precipitates itching in most patients. One has to learn to live with the disorder by avoiding and minimizing such disorders and taking prompt care of the affected skin. You should discuss with your treating doctor.


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