Skin allergy

Q: I am suffering from skin allergy for the past 10 years! I am having this allergy in my toe and wrist. This allergy is severe when I am exposed to sunlight, when I am tensed, exposure to salt water. When I am tensed the itching is increasing and there is white discharge from the affected area, and when I am exposed to sunlight, the reddish pathes are formed and after 2 or 3 hours those parts are severely affected and pus is oozing out from those spots. At that time I can not wear leather chappals and I am wearing hawai chappals. And I am not wearing any wrist watches now! It is also paining, when I try to walk! I have taken some allopathy medicines - for time being they worked out. But after sometime when I am exposed to sunlight, I am affected. Please advise.

A:Your problem may be either of contact dermatitis to rubber/synthetic material or neurodermatitis. In case of first problem, prevention is better than any form of therapy. For neurodermatitis, effective treatment exists. Unfortunately, I cannot write a prescription for you since therapy depends upon the cause and stage of dermatitis. Please consult a good dermatologist for cure of your problem, which is possible.


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