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Should I tell me fiancé about my psoriasis problem?

Q: I am 28 years old female, suffering from psoriasis for the last 1 year. I am planning to marry. Is it necessary to inform my partner about my skin condition? Will there be any problem after marriage? My psoriasis is in the form of a rash, which goes away temporarily on applying Propysalic ointment. Please advise.

A:Since you are suffering from psoriasis, which is a chronic relapsing disease, your partner will come to know this problem sometime later on and then it may complicate your marital life. I think your partner should know that you are suffering from psoriasis, a disorder which is non communicable in nature which may require his assistance in management and family planning. It may delay the marriage proposal but in the long run you will be benefited by this. You need a compassionate understanding husband who not only understands you but your problem also.


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