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Should I get my son tested for swine flu?

Q: My 10 months old baby has got cold and cough last week, which coincided with my brother-in-law who arrived from foreign country 10 days back. Though he had mild fever, which subsided in the evening but he was playful and ate well too. He was on medication for cough and still has a running nose. Today he has mild fever again and is a bit cranky too. I have also got a running nose for almost 2 days and slight cough but I am better today and my mother-in-law got slight cough too. Should we all get test for swine flu?

A:Most likely this is seasonal flu. However if the symptoms are severe or are persisting and especially if they have contact with a person who travelled from a place where the Swine Flu is highly prevalent you may get the test done. If the symptoms are subsiding and the child is otherwise active and playful and is taking his meals as usual, wait for couple of days.


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