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Should I consult a doctor for pimples or blisters?

Q: I suddenly have blisters or pimple sort of marks on my face and also on my body barring the legs. I am in Delhi and yesterday I exposed myself to the sunrays for quite sometime. Can you please tell me the reason why these blisters or acne have come suddenly? I have an oily skin but so far until yesterday I did not get any such severe marks. Also, could you please tell me whether this is a serious problem so that I can go and meet a doctor? Please tell me if any home-remedy is possible. I am 17 years old, and I have an already internally heated body as I do not take curd etc, but I drink plenty of water which I had stopped comparatively during winters.

A:Pimples and blistering disorders are two entirely different entities. Pimples usually consist of comedones, red bumps and pustules. Considering your age, it is very likely that you have pimples. In case you have blisters, like that produced in a burn, then you must see a dermatologist. Even if you have pimples, you should consult the doctor if they continue to increase and are leaving scars.


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