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Should high uric acid level be treated?

Q: I have a high level of uric acid (9.2mg/dl) and I am taking 2 tabs of Zyloric. It is my 4th week of pregnancy. Would you advise me to continue with this pregnancy or terminate it fearing that it could lead to complications for the baby? I had a daughter who died at 5 with agenesis of corpus callosum. I have a son who is as normal as a child of 9 yrs can be and I had MTP 5 yrs back.

A:High uric acid does not require any treatment unless it has caused acute gouty attacks. By itself high uric acid is simply indicative of poor lifestyle (lack of exercise and excess calories in diet that is low in fibers, leafy vegetables and fruits). I strongly recommend that you see a good general physician who would advice you on these problems. To the best of my knowledge, a young lady should not take zyloric unless advised by an expert in metabolic diseases.


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