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Sex - small penile size

Q: My penis size is very small. Will I be able to satisfy my partner? Are there any methods of increasing penile size?

A:There is a common misconception that the size of the penis is related to the sexual satisfaction. There is no truth in this. The size of the penis can be very variable. It is not the length or the thickness of the penis that is of material significance. The vaginal canal is about 9 cm long and only the outer one third of it has sensations. The inner six cm have almost no sensation at all. Thus if the penis is 3 cm long after erection, it is enough for sexual satisfaction. Penis enlargement surgery is available but it is recommended only to very needy patients - not for everybody. It can cause complications. No food or exercise can help you in this case. Relax! do not feel shy or under-confident about this issue. You will have no problems in your sexual life on account of your penile size.


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