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Severe dandruff

Q: I am a 25 year old male with severe dandruff problem since I was 10. I tried all medicated shampoos but to no avail. I am now using Selsun blue which has shown a lot of improvement. However, my hair has now become very rough and if I discontinue Selsun even for a few weeks, the dandruff strikes back.

A:Dandruff can be a perfectly normal condition in people who do not wash their hair often enough. And that 'often enough' is a very individual practice and need-based varying from everyday (even twice a day) to once a week. If your hair have become thick you should be happy about it since they would be more durable hair. Fine hair with thin diameter tend to come off much more easily. I do not think you should worry about it; just try to keep it in shape with a hair cream or gel. If Selsun no longer helps, you could think of using Nizral shampoo but again not more than once or twice a week. Hope this will help further.


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