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Ring like skin eruptions

Q: I was bitten by a spider in November 2001. It formed a ring-like structure on my forearm with small pus bumps. I went to the doctor he told me to put antibacterial cream on it, so I did. It scarred my skin and left a dark spot. A couple weeks later another ring appeared maybe 30mm away. At first I thought I was bitten again, but then the ring came back in June 2002. I went to the hospital where the doctor told me to put cream on it. So now what do I do?

A:Ring like skin eruptions can be seen in a number of skin disorders. Examples are: ringworm, erythema annulare centrifugum, granuloma annulare, etc. Each has some characteristic features. At times, investigations like a KOH examination and a biopsy may be required to arrive at a diagnosis before treatment can be started. Thus, seek an opinion from another Dermatologist if necessary.


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