Q: Does eating more rice increase fats or makes a person more plump ?

A:Rice which is commonly eaten in the urban set up ispolished. It is ripped off its outer bran (fibrerich) covering and the germ (protein, vitamins &minerals rich). Due to this losses, the satiety valueof polished rice compared to a chapatti (whole wheatatta) is lowered. This means that although half cupcooked rice is the same number of calories i.e. (70Kcal) as a chapathi, the quantity required to fillyou up as much as a chapatti is higher. Usually mostpeople tend to subsitute one cup rice instead of onechapatti. This is why rice is considered fattening. However, if Brown rice (unpolished) is used, this doesnot happen, due to the high fibre & mineral content. It can be easily subsituted for a chapatti (1/2 cupcooked = 1 roti) and is equally nutritious.


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