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Rheumatoid arthritis - change in medication

Q: I am 40 yrs old and I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. If I take Wysanole 10 mg and Diclogesic once in a day I feel better. If by chance I miss it then problem becomes severe. What do you suggest? Moreover, will I have to take the medicines regularly or do I need to change my medicines?

A:You must see a rheumatologist for proper treatment of this serious disease. What you are taking is not the right thing to do as it could be extremely dangerous. There ere wonderful and very effective medicines for rheumatoid arthritis but, for that, you will have take the opinion and advice of a rheumatologist. Do not take rheumatoid arthritis lightly - it is a serious disease. Alternative systems of medicines have nothing to offer for this serious disease, only modern scientific medicine has the correct and very effective treatment for this ailment.


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