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Rashes in upper part of the body

Q: My wife was suffering some kind of rash in top portion of her body i.e. breast and abdomen area. It was in the form of small red marks (circular). there was also continous itching all over. On consulting a skin specialist who examined, he recommended a blood test. In the blood test other than general test such as haemoglobin, eosinophil count, etc he also recommended a serology test i.e. V.D.R.L test, which finally was non-reactive. Later I was told it was test for Sexual Disease. I would like to know the following:
1. Was the serology test really required?
2. What does non reactive result indicate?
3. The Eosinophil count is now around 900; What is the treatment needed now for Eosinophils and the marks?
4. What is the cause for the red marks to appear? The red marks was diagnosed for short as P.R.

A:If (Pityriasis Rosea) P.R. was entertained as one of the possible diagnosis, then: 1. VDRL was required 2. Non reactive result favours diagnosis of P.R. 3. You treat the disorder and not the Eosinophils. 4. Redness is the result of the pathological changes in the dermis.


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