Prickly Heat

Q: Is there any remedy for Prickly Heat? If yes, what it is? Do Prickly Heat powders really help? I always suffer this problem when humidity is high in summers and nothing seems to help. Especially on the forhead, back and even on the skull. It is redish, small like pinhead. There is horrible burning, stinging and itching sensation like ants bite. If you can suggest any remedy I will be highly obliged.

A:If you have prickly heat do the following 1. Take Vitamin C - in form of tablets or fruits which are rich in it 2. Take frequent cold water baths but without soap 3. Apply caladryl lotion locally 2-3 times per day. 4. Do not wear synthetics. If the above do not help then you may require antihistaminics and or localsteroids or alternatively you may be having some other problem. In such asituation consult your local Dermatologist.


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