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Pimples on the foreskin

Q: I am a 34 year old unmarried male. I have not had any sexual interaction with girls, though I masturbate a lot. Eight years back, a few pimple like things became visible on the foreskin of the penis tip. It is visible a little down also. I did not take it seriously. Two years back I came to know that it could be the symptoms of some disease. Hence I consulted a VD specialist. After applying ointment (I dont remember the name) and taking some vitamin tablets also, there was no difference. Recently consulted another skin doctor who prescribed some ointment. Even now there is no difference. Another thing - when I was 20 years old, a body spray was sprayed to the base of the penis shaft. The oily part then on became a little dry. Is there a way to restore the oily behaviour?

A:Pimple like things on the penis could be lesions of hypertrophic oil glands of the skin or papules of Lichen Nitidus. The former condition is life long. The latter condition usually resolves on its own after a variable period of time. There are other conditions also which produce bumps on the skin of genitals. The dryness which you are referring to is probably not due to the spray you used. Most probably its occurrence following spray use, was a coincidence. This problem could be a localised manifestation of seborrhoeic dermatitis. Please consult your local Dermatologist.


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