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Pain in the soles and heels

Q: I am suffering from severe pain in the soles and heels. It is unbearable in the mornings but eases off later. Doctors call it Plantar fascitis and say that there is no cure, a cortizone shot may help. I do not want cortizone. Can you help? Date of Birth : 1952, Sex : female

A:Most commonly pain in the heels occur because of a condition known as plantar fascitis. This is a condition of unknown aetiology (cause), is seen in middle aged persons. It presents as pain in the heels, which may be on one both sides. Pain is worse when you just begin to walk particularly the first 15-20 steps. As you note, when you get up in the morning pain may be particularly bad. Usually this is a self limiting condition that lasts for a variable period of time(7 - 8 months) and goes off on its own. Rarely this may last for years. Most pain killers reduce the pain but may not provide complete relief. That is why your doctor may have prescribed local injection of steroids. You should wear soft footwears, with a thick cushion. Bruffen is alright for acute pain, but not on a regular basis. You can use analgesic ointment. Immerse your foot in warm water for 10-15 minutes everyday. You should also get a blood glucose level measurement done. If that is normal, you can have the course of 2 to 3 local injections. X-ray may be necessary. Most of the patients get better with these modalities of treatment. If the pain continues, more investigation and surgical procedure may be required.


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