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pain in spinal cord

Q: Sir I have got a pain in spinal cord, the MRI report a herniation in L4-5, Doctors says that either do operation or take injection, what to I do sir, give advice.

A:Unfortunately, your description of your symptom is too brief to give a valid opinion. Because the MRI is showing disc prolapse you are presumingthat you have symptomatic disc prolapse. There may be false negative / false positive MRI disc lesions. Clinically symptoms and signs must be correlated with an MRI for surgicalintervention.Classically, following indications for surgery are considered reasonable.1. Persistent pain, not getting relieved by pain killers and or rest.2. Recurrent attacks of pain, which disturbs the economic activity or employment of the patient.3. Development of paralysis or neurological deficit or a massive paralysis occurring suddenly.Local injection of steroid preparations are given by some. However, there are some reports which have found no benefit beyond six months for patients receiving injections.Considering the all of the above make your choice and get in touch with an orthopaedic surgeon.


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