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Pain in my joints

Q: I am 35 years old. Im married and having 3 childrens. One doing engineering other is +2. my son is in his 5th std. The problem is that I have have pain in my joints (wrist joint, elbow and in my legs, knees). It also becomes swollen. At times my whole body gets pain. This is persisting for the past one year. Before one year it was not as now but there will be problems sometimes. Now im not at all relieved from the pain. I had treatment for the first time in eglish medicines but o effect. they gave me only pain killers. I tried siddha medicines no use. I tried ayurvedic no use. Finally I am trying in unani but they say it wil get cured slowly. The problem they say is that the paste in the joint have vanished so bad water get accumulated in these areas restricting the flow of blood. I dont know what treatment to have. Kindlly give me a good advice with which I can go for a treatment.

A:The symptoms that you have described appear to suggest the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis, one of the commonest inflammatory arthritis that affects young ladies. With most exciting new advances in modernscientific medicine now this disease can be controlled easily with without much problem. One must note that the best time to treat it with modern scientific medicines is before it is too late i.e. less than 2years duration. If it is not treated with in that period with modern scientific medicines, it may cause permanent joint damage. I suggest that you MUST immediately contact a qualified RHEUMATOLOGIST (specialist in jointdiseases) to get your ailment properly diagnosed. If it is rheumatoid arthritis then, it would be easily and quickly controlled without much problem. In Delhi Rheumatologists are available in All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (Dr. Ashok Kumar and Dr. R. Handa), Apollo Hospital (Dr. S. J. Gupta and Dr. R. C. Arora) and in Indian Spinal Injuries Centre inVasant Kunj (Dr. A. N. Malaviya and Dr. Sanjiv Kapoor). Note that Dr. Sanjiv Kapoor is also available In Maharaja Agrasen Hospital in Punjabi Bagh. It is strongly advised that you contact any of these hospitals-doctors before it is too late. You must get away from unproven, unscientific medicines as soon aspossible.


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