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pain in left knee

Q: I have a pain in my left knee since last 2 or 3 months, which just doesnt go away. Neighbourhood Doctor said its osteoporosis - that it was part of ageing process? Sitting cross-legged for example is becoming difficult. I still do my usual walks/jogs. Any suggestions?

A:Osteoporosis by itself does not lead to joint pain. But it could be osteoarthritis. If the pain is not severe or disabling, then its better to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs. I think it is better to get a consultation from an orthopedic surgeon, since early osteoarthritis can be managed conservatively (without surgery). Its better to delay the surgery as long as the symptoms permit.
There are certain supplementations which can be taken orally or injected into the joint, however long term results are not known. It is better to exercise the joint and maintain the range of motion. Walking is fine, but you should avoid impact activities like running or jogging. Swimming is the best exercise if its possible. As far as alternative medicine is concerned (ayurvedic, homeopathy), I am not capable enough to advise you.


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