Pain in knees

Q: I am female aged 62 years. I am having this problem since 1998. There is recurring pain in both my knees. X-ray was done, followed by a special test for bones. The Asymetrical joint space reduction of medical aspect showed Osteophytes at bay edges. Also it shows osteoporotic changes partially. The impression given is Osteoarthritis with osteoporotic changes. Currently I am taking these medicines : Millical and Rocalhol 1 Tab each daily. I had done physiotherapy for 10 days in 1998. My queries are is HRT advisable at the age of 62 years and I have been advised injections Hybuan and Voyeart for both knees. Is it ok to get these injections administred. Also how far is the disease curable.

A:Ordinarily HRT is not advisable for the first time starting at the age of 62 years. However, the assessment has to be made very carefully by your treating physician after a careful evaluation of a complete physical findings as well as a Mammography and Papsmear examination. At the age of 62 you are more likely to have age related osteoporosis over and above a post-menopausal osteoporosis. A number of newer medicines are available including the injections that you have listed all with possible benefits. All these are temporary measures as you yourselves have observed that you get only temporary relief with various treatments. The problem is a mechanical problem of loss of lining of the knee and its alignment. The solution is unlikely to be a chemical solution. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are age related disorders. So far, there is no treatment for ageing. Hence, you are not likely to have permanent relief.


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