Q: I have very low bone density especially at the lower back and pelvis. How can I increase it? Can walking and yoga help increase bone density?

A:Type I osteoporosis (or decrease in bone stock) is common in elderly woman. This is also known as postmenopausal osteoporosis. I would like to point out that prevention of osteoporosis in females should start at the age of 35 because that is when the bone density is at the peak and then starts to fall gradually. The bone density is partly controlled by estrogen, the female hormone. After menopause, due to lack of this hormone, there is gradual deterioration in the bone density. Apart from this, there is age-related osteoporosis (type II). If you have severe osteoporosis or loss in bone density, you may be porne to fractures, for females, estrogen replacement therapy should be considered. other drugs like biphoshonates (alendronate) should be considered. There should be a good intake of calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is available in sachets called cholecalciferol. They can be taken with milk once/twice a week. You should consult an orthopedic surgeon to start these medications. Exercise and yoga can definitely benefit you indirectly. They would never cause any harm. The exercises should be within tolerable limits of your pain.


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