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Q: I am 44+ years widow with two children one 18+ daughter and 8+ son. I have been suffering from knee pain in both the legs for the last two years. The doctor has diagonised this as osteoarthritis and has prescribed VOVRAN SR 100 Zosert (1 tablet each after breakfast) and menopace (1 tablet after dinner)for 15 days. I want to know is the medicine being prescribed correct and how long do I have to take the medicine.

A:Osteoarthritis is actually more a problem of life-style than a disease. Over weight, sitting on the floor, and low level chairs, sofas, etc., using Indian style toilets, sitting cross-legged, prolonged standing without moving around, and too much use ofstairs - are some of the main contributing factors to this mechanical problem of the aging of the knees. Appropriate exercises, weight reduction, preventing further damage of the knees by appropriately changing your living style would help. It is recommended that you see a team of rheumatologist-physiotherapists-kneesurgeons who can assess the degree of your knee damage and advise you appropriate measures to prevent further damage. Indian Spinal Injuries Centre in vasant Kunj(689-8448, 689-4884) is one such hospital. You may like to contact that hospital and take appointment for Joint Disease Clinic there.


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