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Nutrition - bael fruit

Q: I would like to know the mineral, caloric, carbohydrate, contents of the fruit BAEL. Does it have any negative attributes too. Amongsts it good points that I have come to know are that its very fibrous & is recommended to patients suffering from diabetes. Does it contain any trace of cholestrol, since avacado which comes into the fruit/vegetable category also contains high amounts of cholestrol. What about coconut - does it contain high chlosterol? Please clarify the above two points.

A:Bael fruit has a calorie value of 137/100 gm. The carbohydrate content is 32%. The mineral content is 1.7%. The mucilegeneous nature of the fruit makes it extremely useful for stomach disorders. It has a laxative soothing effect and helps in regulation of the digestive system. Due to its richness in fibre it is useful for Diabetics. Excess fibre like excess of anything is harmful and cause digestive disturbances and many impair absorption of certain useful minerals.No plant food contains cholesterol including avacado and coconut. The fat in avacado is primarily monosaturated and the fat in coconut is mainly saturated. In excess saturated fat may increase cholesterol. However, it may be taken in moderation (upto 25-30 gm/day).


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