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Numbness of fingers

Q: I am 39 years, I first suffered cervical spondylosis in 1998 and in two months I was cured by using Alopathic Medicines. After 3years, since last 15 days I am suffering again.Due to this I get :1. Headache at back or on right side.2. Numbness on my Right hand five fingers.3. Pain on the right arm (backside).4. Pain increases if I sit on chair or drive motorcycle.I had tried combination of Ibuprofin and Nimusulide and paracetamol etc. but of no use later, I tried Aurvedic no use. Now , I am using Homeopathic and could get rid of arm pain. When I move my Head toward right I get more pain.

A:Cervical spondylosis literally means degenerative disease of the cervical spine. The symptoms are generally due to compression of the emerging nerve root or spinal cord. Generally there is pain, tingling, weakness and/or numbness in the distribution of the involved nerve root. It is important to identify the degree and site of compression by clinical examination, CT/MRI of cervical spine and EMG studies. Most of the patients respond to conservative treatment, i.e. analgesics and physiotherapy. A soft cervical collar may be useful. Surgery is required in case of intractable pain or neurologic deficit.As your numbness and pain are persisting despite treatment, you should be evaluated by a neurologist and undergo MRI of cervical spine & EMG studies for possible surgical intervention. You may try a drug called Amitriptyline for symptomatic relief under supervision of your doctor.


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